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América Latina y el mundo entero perdieron hoy a uno de los grandes. Adiós Gabriel García Marquez, y gracias por todas las palabras.

my dads up playing his freakin scrabble game GO TO BED DAD.

i should go to bed too. 

This is it. This is what i’ve been following Naruto for over 5 years for. Im not even 100% on whats going on. 

some of the sketches for the murals BLEH

works in progress. i’ve been commissioned to do some murals for some fam. 


DEMON KINGS 01.24 (ink)
I was just re-reading Demon Kings chapter 1. Looking back on it, there is plenty I would do different if I did it now… This is not one of those things.

DEMON KINGS 01.24 (pencil)
I scan a pencil version of every page of my comic. Here is the pencils for those inks I just posted.

oh man this was my favorite page when i first started reading. 

"Purity is a condition of the heart, of the mind and of the spirit more than a simple category of one’s physical experiences."

- Relevant Magazine (via touplift)

(Source: godlydatingandfeelings, via touplift)